Buell Mansion Community Information

Set on a secluded hilltop graced with mountain views, the 110 acre Buell Mansion, in Cherry Hills Village is an exclusive gated enclave for the discerning homeowner. At the intersection of Hampden Avenue and University Boulevard, Buell Mansion is down the street from the beautiful Cherry Hills Country Club. Although Buell is just just six miles from downtown Denver it feels like it is a world away. Buell Mansion reflects Cherry Hills Village rural ambiance; with quiet streets, country lanes, walking and riding trails and open space.  The community has easy access to many trails including the 71 mile Highline Canal and equestrian trails.  Neighborhood amenities include the historic Buell Mansion for events, a tennis court, swimming pool, private roads, small interior parks, and Buell Lake.

The Buell Mansion History

Buell Mansion is named after Temple Hoyne Buell, a renowned Denver architect, developer, and philanthropist. Buell purchased the home and 192 acres in 1930 and he lived there for many years with his wife, Marjorie, three daughters and one son. The children had a pet deer who for a short time was allowed run of the house. Buell moved out when the marriage dissolved and the home was empty for many years. In the 1980's he moved back and began restoring the home.

A second floor balcony was added, which gave the occupier of the home beautiful views of the front range, but the addition has since been removed to restore the home to its historic framework.

The Buell Mansion was designed by prominent Denver architects William and Arthur Fisher, in the Georgian Revival style, with landscaping by Saco De Boer, architect of Denver's parkway system. The home was completed in 1920 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It is used as the office and home for the Estate and Maintenance Managers and as a social amenity for residents who use it on many special occasions and for community gatherings.

Temple Hoyne Buell History (1895 to 1990)

Temple Hoyne Buell came to Colorado from Chicago in 1921 hoping to find a place to help his tuberculosis. He established the largest architecture firm in the Rocky Mountain Region, Buell and Company, and is responsible for over 300 prominent buildings in Denver including the Paramount Theater and the nurses home at St Joseph Hospital. Buell developed the concept of the modern shopping center in 1949 when he created the original Cherry Creek Shopping Center on the site of a former town dump.

Temple Hoyne Buell was a renowned philanthropist who funded the School for American Architecture at  Columbia University and the Buell Hall of Architecture at his Alma Mater the University of Illinois. Having bought the acreage where Buell Mansion was developed in the 1930's, he proceeded to co-found the Cherry Hills Country Club and to push for the incorporation of Cherry Hills Village, which finally happened in 1943. Buell wanted to insure the rural character of the Cherry Hills area that continues to this day. In his later years he was a Bon vivant man-about-town and a larger than life prominent member of the Denver community until his death at the age of 94.

His charitable contributions have led to many buildings being named after him in Colorado, as well as a building on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, his alma mater.  "The Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation," also named after him, emphasizes programs and initiatives for children, especially in the areas of early intervention, prevention, and improvement of the social and educational systems critical to the well-being of Colorado's youngest citizens

Additional Information

If you would like any additional information, please contact the Estate Manager, Troy Barrilleaux at 303-783-8789.