Guest & Delivery Access Information

The Buell Mansion is a security-controlled, gated community. Guests & Deliveries must have authorization to enter the community.

Guests & Small Vehicles:

All non-Residents should use the left visitor lane. All individuals will be asked which address they are proceeding to when they arrive. Information about the vehicle and occupants will be recorded as per safety and security procedures.

Commercial, Large Deliveries, and Vendors:

After notifying the gate of an expected vendor or delivery vehicle, those vehicles over personal vehicle size should be directed to go to the West Gate for entrance. UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express and RPS delivery trucks are the only delivery trucks allowed into the Estate without prior approval of residents receiving a delivery .

Other Information:

The gate cannot accept deliveries of any kind. With flower deliveries, residents will be called when the delivery arrives. If the resident is not home, and the Estate Manager is available,the Estate Manager will accept the flowers for later pick up during the same day and the resident will be notified.

In order to maintain security for the Buell Estate, no unauthorized guests or deliveries will be allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


Maps & Directions

Main (North) Gate:

The Main (North) Gate of Buell Mansion is accessed from Hampden/US-285. Both Eastbound and Westbound traffic can turn into the community. Only small vehicles are allowed in this gate.

West Gate:

The West Gate can be accessed from Northbound traffic on University/CO-177 (there is no access for Southbound traffic from University Street). All Large vehicle and commercial traffic must use this entrance. There is a call box located on the north side of the entrance to communicate with the front gate. All visitors must call the front gate from this call box to be granted entrance to the neighborhood. Dial XYZ for the front gate.

Contact Information

General Inquiries should be made to the Estate Manager via email ( or telephone (303-783-8789) during regular business hours of 8AM - Noon, 1 - 5PM Monday thru Friday. If you need to contact the front gate their contact information can be found below.

Buell Mansion Homeowners Association
One Buell Mansion Parkway
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
Tel: 303-783-8789

Buell Gatehouse
2700 East Hampden
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113
Tel: 303-781-9480